The Most Terrible Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Deciding what to buy for your partner, hubby, brother, Dad, son, or indeed every other man in your lifestyles at Christmas can be très difficile.

Happily, maximum men are pretty smooth to please and could be thrilled to acquire just about anything under the sun – something other than these items, this is.

Here are a number of the worst Christmas present thoughts for guys, gifts you ought to perhaps bypass up until, of course, you need the man to your lifestyles walking for his lifestyles!

Pink shirts or jumpers

Unsure of his length, fabric and color? Steer clear of purple shirts and jumpers, then. He may not percentage the identical stage of enthusiasm for the red jumper or purple blouse as you do. No man in his personal proper thoughts might ever wear red (unless he’s a piece camp). This style may have been today’s for college students within the eighties, however these days, it isn’t so. All you’ll get is a strained smile. And most probable see the shirt or jumper in all its purple glory putting in a charity store some days later.

Paintings and poems

Do you need to scare away your guy big-time? Then positioned those gadgets at the pinnacle of your listing! Unless he’s William Wordsworth, Picasso or one of those arty/poetic sorts, then these Christmas thoughts for men are a big no-no. They’re too sentimental for the average sort of bloke. Plus, most guys do not like listening to deep feelings and feelings, nor do they experience deciphering elusive messages. It’s much more likely he’s going to take your “beautiful painting or poem” and flip it into a work floor for the undertaking he’s working on in his garage. Men and artwork are just no longer like minded. So do not chastise him with something he can barely understand.

A Whitney Houston Greatest Hits CD

Think twice about saying “but Whitney Houston sang I Will Always Love You.” Sure, Whitney might have sold over a hundred and seventy million albums and singles worldwide. And you could think she’s a gift from God, and that her voice appears like an angel. But the American singer’s track simply ain’t the kind you would find on a bloke’s iPod. If you do, but, stumble throughout a Whitney Houston tune on in his playlist, then you higher begin asking questions!

Work Tools

Okay. Do yourself (and him!) a favour by way of not disheartening him this festive season with a electricity drill, noticed, head torch, iron, vacuum purifier or garden rake. Where’s the excitement and creativeness? Granted, he might not be the sector’s great domestic “god” or outside handyman, however those Xmas gifts for men just recommend you haven’t actually idea a whole lot approximately what he certainly likes. Plus, if he needed a screw driver, leaf blower or what have you, he’d go out and purchase it himself.

“How to” books on something he is simply attempted

Buying him books on “How to Plaster a Wall” or “How to apply a saw” just might not galvanize him and, quite frankly, make humdrum, unexciting Xmas affords for men, especially if he plastered the wall inside the hall or build a conservatory months and months ago.


Doesn’t the word ‘flowers’ say it all? Daisies… Roses… Tulips… Lilies… Irises… What man could in reality be overjoyed with a lovely bouquet of blooms? He in all likelihood would not – bless him – even understand what a vase is. All he’s going to do is put the flowers in a few kind of field, like a jug – or even worse, the goldfish tank – and leave them there to wither. Men and plant life – hardly ever do they mix. The moral of the story: Flowers do not make proper Christmas present ideas for men.

Men are not usually pernickety in terms of presents and will, through and large, be grateful for their plateful as long as your live far from the above gifts!

Forget neck ties and socks this festive season. Whether you are shopping for for your husband, boyfriend, Dad, brother, son or indeed another guy to your lifestyles, GoneDigging has got all bases blanketed. Feast your eyes to our interesting, original array of Christmas gift thoughts for guys that’ll be sure to present you some extra innovative ideas than a brand new shirt! From football membership books to personalised silver cufflinks, our Christmas ideas for men will please any guy and make sure he has a totally merry Christmas.

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